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Reliable Lot Clearing Service in the Twin Cities

MSP Tree Service does lot clearing work in the Twin Cities area around Eagan, MN. This type of service typically involves brush and tree clearing to comply with appearance standards or to make way for an upcoming build project. We work with both individuals and businesses to help them prepare land for the next step. It doesn’t matter how much natural debris you have on the lot. We can clean it up so you’re looking at a fresh slate once again.

Overgrown vegetation can be a nuisance to deal with. Although the expense of hiring a company to handle it may initially seem like a hassle, it will actually simplify your overall maintenance load. Whether you have to continually clear land or you need a one-time service, we can handle your request. Let us come out and give you an estimate. We’ll assess your lot, and based on what you would like cleared, we’ll give you a good price for our services. Costs will depend in part upon factors such as tree density, whether or not you want additional work (such as stump grinding), and whether you want ongoing maintenance. Give us a call to learn more.

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Professional equipment and experience

Our lot clearing jobs run smoothly because we have the right equipment to do the work. Not only do we own large specialty trucks that can sweep through big areas fast, but we also have smaller vehicles designed to clean tighter spaces if the job requires it. Lot clearing is a skill that not every company has mastered but MSP Tree Service is more than able to handle for you. We do both large and small jobs throughout the area.

Experience matters when it comes to this type of work and we have over a decade of it. We understand how to clear a lot safely and without leaving it a mess when we’re done.

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Commercial and residential lot clearing

At MSP Tree Service, we understand that there is a wide range of lot clearing service needs out there. That’s one reason we offer both residential and commercial services.

We have removed sections of trees and brush to clear the way for a new garage for a homeowner or simply taken out a few bushes to make way for a sidewalk or patio. Let us help you take the backbreaking work out of the project so you can do the rest more quickly. Whether you’re planning a small shed in the yard or a gazebo, we can help you clear the way for the next phase!

In terms of commercial work, we have done projects that range all the way from smaller new builds to giant land developments. No project is too big for our crew to handle and we’ve helped countless business owners and developers clear land for upcoming builds or infrastructure work.

Contact us today to get started.

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