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Emergency Tree Removal In The Twin Cities

At MSP Tree Service, we offer expert emergency service for downed tree removal and damage cleanup to your property around Eagan, MN. We’re dedicated to ensuring your property is safe, secure, and free of any tree debris that can cause further damage. Sometimes the most dangerous time is after a tree has come down, as it can still shift and move. This can cause unexpected damage and even injury. Power lines are another very real concern. When a tree falls, there are multiple factors to consider that can cause additional issues if not assessed properly.

We have the experience to safely handle any tasks, small or large, to help get your property clear and safe from downed trees, branches, and debris. Our crews evaluate the situation and proceed in a way that maximizes safety and minimizes risk to you or your property. Give us a call today for emergency removal or contact us now to learn more.

view of lakefront house nestled between autumn trees

Branch removal service

There are a number of tree-related emergencies we see on a regular basis in addition to fallen trees. Storms and high winds cause branches to sway and crack, resulting in a dangerous situation for a property owner. Partially damaged branches may hang over cars or buildings, threatening to fall at any time. Branches can also get wedged in the structure of a tree but may break loose if additional wind or weather causes additional movement. Our crews have seen it all and we’re able to resolve these issues quickly and safely.

If you have a branch or branches that are badly positioned due to any factor, the best option is to get them removed before something happens and they break loose. We consider large branches that are broken or dangling an emergency situation if they are close to any structure and recommend immediate assistance. Our crews are on call 24/7 and we can get out to help you address the situation right away.

emergency tree removal

Our emergency crews

For us, emergency service doesn’t just mean we’re available around the clock. We have crews that specialize in this type of work that dispatch specifically in these types of situations. This means you’re getting highly qualified emergency help that will rapidly resolve any dangerous elements. We take this type of work seriously and know that it can be extremely hazardous, so we observe all the possible precautions for this type of service. We want you to know this so you can feel confident that your home or property is safe when you call us for professional service in the Twin Cities area around Eagan, MN.

Regular tree maintenance helps keep weak or diseased branches from falling due to the forces of a storm or high winds. We offer regular maintenance services as well. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about regular tree care or call anytime you require emergency service.

Contact us for emergency help!
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